How to Remove Norton Antivirus Properly to Get it Re-installed?

What we need the most in our PC is an antivirus service. Out of all antivirus services Norton is one such that works the best in order to provide you with the protection you require. There can come technical errors in your Norton antivirus too and for that we are available here at Norton Helpline Number UK. Whatever the error is calling the experts at the help desk will surely help you out with the solution you need.

Get Norton Antivirus Remove Properly:

1. First of all, go to Control Panel through the Start Menu. There you will find the Add/Remove Programs menu which you should click on. The moment window opens, scroll down to the Norton link available on the list and then choose to remove it.
2. An un-installation menu will appear on the screen that will help you out throughout the Norton removal process.
3. Then, you will be prompted for restarting your PC in order to get removal process complete.
4. The moment you restart your PC, check that all the Norton icons are removed from the desktop. If not then delete all the programs you find that are related with Norton.
5. Now, you will require the Norton Product Removal Tool for removing all the files that are remaining there. In Case there is any trouble to use Norton Product Removal Tool for such situation you can take help from Norton Contact Number UK
6. You need to download the removal tool from the Symantec official website. You can get the site by searching it on Google.
7. Now, double click on the icon you get to see on your desktop and permit it to run on your computer. Once it stops running, restart your PC and it will get free from Norton completely.
8. After that you can also remove the Removal Tool from the your PC.
9. Now, you are all set to get the antivirus Re-installed on your device.

In case you are facing errors in re-installing the antivirus then also you can get the error corrected by calling our technical experts available at the help desk. Give a call to the experts available at Norton Customer Care Number UK and the experts will be ready to cater you with needed solutions.