How Do I Disable Norton Antivirus’ Notifications OR Software?

Similar in case with the other antivirus solutions, Norton, sometimes become disturbing and pops you frequently. The notifications might be on special offers or reports and sometimes, it automatically installs a toolbar in your web browser. This type of activities becomes an annoying thing if they keep on coming on frequent basis. So, it is necessary to deal with the problems as soon as possible. If you have any other query, you can connect at Norton Customer Help Number UK for best workaround.

For the above mentioned problem, you can set Norton to notify you only when you want. Below, is the best procedure if you want to get rid of this annoying issue. No matter what type of Norton security you have installed in your device, just go through it:

1) Disable useless Reports or other Task Notifications:

• In order to disable unwanted reports or task notifications and advertisements, you need to proceed to the Norton’s settings that you can look for in the interface. Follow the given steps below:
• Tap on the settings, there you will see a Silent Mode checkbox that will help Norton be quiet. You need to enable Silent Mode for a day at a time and it will disable itself automatically. And then click on the Administrative settings.
• And when the software shows a report after every 30 days with some useless information, you can disable the report notification and set the 30 day report option to off. Although, the reports are generated but it won’t alert you anymore.
• When you are annoyed with the background tasks, like automatic antivirus scans or system cleanup tasks, you can set Norton Task Notification to Off.
• You can get rid of the advertisements or special offers, by scrolling down on the Administrative Settings screen and setting Special Offer Notification to Off.

2) Hiding Safe Download Notifications:

When you download a file like a web browser or email clients, you are prompted with a message saying that the downloaded file is safe. Although the pop ups are not even necessary, but you can disable them when you download the safe files. To do so, you need to click Settings and then proceed to Firewall and then Intrusion and Browser Protection and set Download Insight Notifications to Risks Only.

3) Blocking Antispam Popups:

You must have heard that Norton includes an anti-spam feature that includes a welcome screen that provides you with information and some popups. When you want the anti spam feature to run silently in the background, you can disable them by proceeding to Settings and then AntiSpam in Norton’s interface. Now, click the Client Integration tab and then set both Welcome Screen and Feedback to Off.

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